Smit Commerce d.o.o. is a company for wholesale and retail trade, consulting, engineering, and investment in residential and business buildings.
Our sales programme comprises approximately 40,000 items from ten basic programmes: water supply and sewage; heating; tools; electrical material; bolts; hinges; paints and varnishes; black and non-ferrous metallurgy; ceramic tiles; sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, and a whole range of building materials.


The company Smit Commerce d.o.o. was founded in 1990 by Mr. Zlatko Meglaj. The company initially operated in a rented space of 80 m2. By 1995 the company had 25,000 m2 of its own land, in 1996 a retail and warehouse space of 600 m2 was built, and in 2003 another 2,000 m2 of showroom and retail space, administrative and office space, and warehouse space was built. Also in 2005 additional retail and warehouse space of 1500 m2 was built that allowed customers a greater choice and higher quality goods. Together, all of these have made for a beautiful and furnished shopping centre.
The business started with three employees and today Smit Commerce d.o.o. employs around a hundred people. In the same period trade grew at a rate of 20% per year. The number of customers is also constantly growing, and some of the better known customers are: the Ministry of Regional Development; Forestry and Water Management; the Croatian Ministry of Defence; the Croatian Ministry of the Interior; Zagreb Holding; the Croatian Railways Holding; HOTO Group; Croatian Post; Hrvatske šume d.o.o.; the town of Sveta Nedelja; Komunalac d.o.o. Samobor; Plitvice Lakes National Park; the University of Zagreb; Zagreb City Gasworks; Plinacro d.o.o.; Beton Lučko; Brodomerkur; Hidrocommerce; Elektrokovina; Croatian Radiotelevision, etc. Every day the number of customers, craftsmen, and small, medium, and large enterprises loyal to Smit Commerce d.o.o. grows, while 150,000 customers are registered in annual retail sales.
Today Smit Commerce d.o.o. is a renowned company with a highly recognisable name for quality, and it boasts many cooperative business contracts in the construction sector. To date, the works that have been carried out are as follows: HOTO Business Tower; Castellum; HOTO Villas; Kika Zagreb; Lidl Croatia; Grawe Insurance; the Ministry of Regional Development; Forestry and Water Management - housing and renovation; a private residential property in Kajzerica; and a residential property which is a part of the subsidised housing construction for the Agency for Transactions and Mediation in Immovable Properties.


Be the best provider of construction and installation materials, materials required for home furnishing by providing excellent service, and carefully selected assortment of goods.


Our vision is to have happy customers whose first choice when shopping is Smit Commerce, being a desirable employer to employees, and a reliable and loyal partner to business enterprises.


Smit Commerce d.o.o. is a leading company in the sale of construction and installation materials needed for the construction and furnishing of houses and apartments, and in other investment activities in industry and construction. Such a complete assortment satisfies the needs of craftsmen and small, medium and large enterprises on many levels. Continued investment in all areas has turned us into a high-ranking company in the market; namely, Smit Commerce d.o.o. is among the 1% of the largest companies in its field according to the Institute for Business Research.

Our general goals related to quality are:

1. Take care of our own abilities, not overestimate them, and be balanced in work.

2. Satisfy demands and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

3. Keep pace with the technological advances of the goods we sell and, accordingly, provide continuous professional training to our staff.

4. Direct each individual to independently and continuously upgrade their knowledge by keeping track of innovations on the market for each product range.

5. Provide adequate and stimulating working conditions for the staff.

6. Build trust and develop partnerships with suppliers and customers for mutual satisfaction.

In view of the quality policy, Smit Commerce d.o.o. strives to protect the environment from adverse effects and continuously works on improvements. In order to fulfil these intentions, Smit Commerce d.o.o. plans and conducts its business with the aim of reducing the impact of the company on the environment.
Also, appropriate measures are taken to reduce pollution within the company, the consumption of raw materials and waste generation is reduced, impeccable maintenance of the equipment that has an impact on the environment is carried out, and the fleet is constantly being renewed and modernised. The company strives to optimise the use of energy and raw materials through recycling and raises environmental awareness among our employees.